A Skate Down Memory Lane

With the Capitals lining up for their annual team photo at Kettler yesterday, it’s difficult not to spend the off day reminiscing on the best part about growing up: The awkward family photo. Since we live in the miracle age of the Internet, I scrounged the depths of social media to unearth childhood photos of your favorite Caps so you wouldn’t have to. Not that you would, anyway. I’m assuming most of you have better things to do.


kid kuzya

Who better to kick off this list than Kuznetsov? Here we have the savior of the Capitals’ offense, showcasing the traditional Russian smile in true fashion.

kid wilson

For all the ladies out there, he’s a picture of Tom Wilson, who was once too scared to hold his own catch. It’s okay, T.Wils. I wouldn’t want salmonella either. Great bead choker though.

kid oleksy

Here’s a picture of fan favorite Steven Oleksy. Binks is more than enthused to celebrate the cherished Christmas morning tradition. Bonus points for the throwback before the throwback.

kid laich

If you follow him on Twitter (as you should), you’ve already seen Brooksy’s kid picture. But damn, look at that precious mug.

kid ovi

Here’s Ovechkin, knowing from day one where he truly belonged. #USA #USA #USA

kid holtby

Surprisingly, Braden Holtby was a blonde once. Although I can almost hear his mom saying, “just one with the eyes open!”
Really, though. How much does he look like his dad?

kid penner 2kid penner 1

Thank you, Dustin Penner’s Instagram, for these gems. Check out those baby blues and that stellar Jagr-esque flow.

kid varly

Here’s an added bonus of former Caps goalie Semyon Varlamov, posing next to his samovar with a teacup. But seriously, folks. Don’t drink out of those things – they’re riddled with lead.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a bonus round of Caps nation!

kid ovie

Before he was getting tossed out of KCI and rallying Caps fans outside of Verizon Center, Ovie the Bulldog was once just a wee naked pup.

kid goat

Believe it or not, before building the lung capacity to lead Verizon Center in cheer, the people’s hero and all-around swell gent Goat wore the hell out of a sweater vest.

kid b

Before he was GIF-maker extraordinaire, Brendan rocked the overalls and flannel better than anyone else.

kid duchaines

Before the Duchaine brothers wrote about sports, they played them. Sort of.

kid lindsey

And finally, here’s yours truly, who still gets this excited about cake and wearing sunglasses indoors.

Found a picture of your favorite Cap as a kid or got a childhood photo of your own you’d like to share?  Post it up in the comments or send it over to @CapitalsHill on Twitter. We’ll be sure to share and “awwww!” all over it.

  • Dark Stranger

    Here are other pictures. From left to right, Backstrom, Alzner, Fehr (from 1st grade), Neuvy, Semin, Halpern, Green (smaller kid).