Orlov-e Is In The Air


It’s Valentine’s Day or Valentime’s Day depending on if you purposefully like to botch the English language. Here at Capitals Hill we thought it would be our public service to start to set the mood for that dinner out at an overcrowded restaurant in the district on a snowy Friday night. We’ve taken the guess work out of which card to use for your sweet Valentine and created a few options for you below. Print these out en masse and distribute to strangers and loved ones alike.

Don’t forget to leave us your Valentine’s Day card photoshops as well in the comment section below! By all means use MS Paint  and Comic Sans to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your honey or pint of Rocky Road.

Here are a few ideas to help out on your MS Paint Valentine’s Day cards that you’ll be posting in the comments section below:

  • Love Me ‘Tender
  • Kiss From Erat (Seal)
  • 2 Minutes: High Sticking *wink*
  • Be Mine and Don’t Leave Me Holding The Stick 4 2 Minutes
  • Afterward, I’ll give you 2 min for holding
  • I don’t want to score any hole but yours
  • Glove hand on Erskine
  • Erat-ify our love
  • It’s Laich-ly I’d trade for you
  • Brouwer chick a wow wow
  • You are the Ovi-ture of my heart
  • I Take Penalties Just 2 B In Your Box
  • I Think About Baseball When I Need 2 Delay The Game
  • Brokenhearted? Get Stitched Up and Don’t Miss a Shift!
  • Cupid Has Nothing On Ovi’s Snipe
  • Karl’s Mustache U a Question: Will U B Mine?
  • You’ve Stolen My Heart and Must Go 2 the Sin Bin
  • I Spend All Day Just Thinking Aboot Your Top Shelf
  • Tonsil Hockey >>> Ice Hockey
  • I’m Green With Envy!
  • I’m Asking U 2 Dance After This Faceoff
  • Let’s Make Our Own Shanahan Video This Valentine’s
  • Alzy’s Fehr in love and Ward.
  • I Orlov-e you.
  • I love you with all my Hart.
  • Holt-be mine?
  • You’ve got Mojo, baby.
  • Do you Laich me? Yes___ No____
  • My Five hole is wide open for you.
  • You give me butterflies.
  • Grubauer? I don’t even know her!
  • 4 min high sticking is a myth. Lower your expectations.
  • You can hit my post anytime
  • Jane

    i’ll back you up any night!

  • https://twitter.com/hollowtim hollowtim

    Your Love Is Right In My Wheelhouse!

  • Jane

    well, that was Quick