Capitals Hill Olympic Predictions

The 2014 Sochi Olympics have already provided quite a bit of interesting GIFs to photoshops to endless photos of crappy bathrooms. What it hasn’t provided to you yet are our picks for Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Men’s hockey competition. With Canada, USA and Sweden front loaded with NHL talent there is quite a bit of guessing to be had.

Should one go with the prettier colors to decide the winner? Or maybe using the foreign exports like maple syrup as a measure of the country’s talent on the ice? Here at Capitals Hill we ran the statistics and have come out with the best, most-advanced predictions yet. We will spare you the explanations as we are visual people around here. Please use the comment section below to voice off, stand on a soap box about Sochi toilet gate, or just say hi to us.



Bonus. A few other predictions

If Ovechkin took part in the couple’s ice dancing for Team Russia to the performance of Black Swan. So gracious))))
One must watch out for the host nation’s tricks. Getting these three together for an encore could bode disastrous for others. Or could just provide some story swapping of how things are in DC now
Team Kessel imagined in one image. May we suggest you Google images of puppies playing in a field to sterilize your eyes? This will haunt
Now using the more feminine character traits of the two Kessel siblings in Sochi, provides a tough lady I would not want to mess with
We predict this is what Bob Costas will turn into by the Closing Ceremony with now 2 pink eyes.