The Capitals Hill Movember Wrap-Up Extravaganza!


Illustrations by Robert Generette III for Capitals Hill

Here on the Hill, we don’t take too many things seriously that don’t overtly associate themselves with the game of hockey. If you saw our mustaches, you’d be inclined to agree. However, one thing we do take our time to appreciate is men’s health. As October has become deeply invested in the awareness and promotion of the fight against breast cancer, its slightly colder and less frightening older brother November has carved out a nice little place for itself in the culture of celebrating all that is man. All across the land, males have come to view the month of November as a sacred time, during which they gather their respective herds and toast to their fellow man. They make beard pacts, declare “Manvember Law”, and consume copious animal meats, all in the name of solidarity against all that threatens the health and livelihood of men.

Given the human male’s innate sense of competition, the month of November has recently become host to a new breed of marathon, a thirty-day follicular frenzy in which able men vow to keep their upper lips unkempt. Now a worldwide initiative, this campaign has seen its influence spread deep into the culture of sport. Many of our favorite athletes (Crosby’s doesn’t count) have taken to the interwebz to raise money for men’s health, sporting their own brand of face fuzz. We speak, of course, of Movember

The Capitals need your help just a tad. Currently they are sitting at a rank of 307 nationally. They are behind “Babies With Mustaches” and “Werewolves For Good Causes”. I mean c’mon everyone! Throw some charity money their way! Not only are the Capitals the only ones partaking in said fuzzy face charity marathon, the Bears are growing some healthy staches themselves. Check those out here.

The growing sense of community surrounding the month-long celebration of hair and health has inspired entire organizations (like our beloved Capitals) to get involved. There’s a place for every man in Movember, whether you’re an orange-and-glorious Alzner or a wispy Wilson. In tribute, here’s a look at some of our favorite currently-mustachioed Caps along with a few mustache bonuses.

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Movember Merchandise

We wanted to throw our creative hats on and provide merchandise to the masses so you not only get an amazing tshirt, but also support the Movember cause! Head over to our store by clicking the image below! Collect them all! We will donate all proceeds generated by the sale of these, directly to the Washington Capitals Movember page. Hurry while supplies last!