Launching Capitals Hill Fit Club



Hockey players are arguably the toughest athletes on the planet. It takes otherworldly strength, conditioning and stability to able to perform and succeed at any level of the sport. Those who play(ed) hockey probably remember this scene from their first day at practice. Adorably awkward. So cute you want to strangle it. But that’s in next week’s article about fighting. We’re sticking to strength and conditioning today.

In our deepest and scratchiest “Eastwood” voice, let’s say this together: “Weakness is the root of failure.” Damn, are you guys motivated? No? Alright, let’s change that by talking about politics.

With all of this chatter about healthcare reform, Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act (lol), physical fitness and well-being is at the forefront of American cultureahahahahaha I almost got through that one. As a nation, we’re fat and sedentary and we know it. We can call it a product of the cubicle lifestyle, a symptom of just not having enough hours in the day, or just acknowledge the fact that a copious amount of food is more enjoyable than a copious amount of exercise.

While the professional athletes who play the game we love don’t have to worry as much about being able to access doctors, fitness facilities, nutritional specialists or an experienced knowledge base to keep them in tip-top shape, us fans don’t always have that luxury. That is, until now…

Introducing: the Capitals Hill Fit Club. This easy-to-follow fitness plan will get you off the couch and onto the floor, sweating to the ebb and flow of your favorite pastime, Capitals hockey! You’re going to be watching the game anyway, why not use it as a catalyst for exercise? Plus, with an average of three games per week, you can consider this a pretty solid workout routine to partner with your already healthy diet of nachos and beer.

It’s very simple. Watch the game and do the exercises assigned to each event that occurs. You can find our printer-friendly workout guide below this article. We will also occasionally be leading exercises via Twitter (@CapitalsHill) with the hashtag #CapsHillFitClub. So give us a follow if you haven’t already and prepare to get sweaty.

In the truthful, sad and encouraging words of Christopher Martin, “nobody said this was easy.” And that’s our one Coldplay reference for the week.

Download link to workout plan